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Why Men's Health

In the movies, John Wayne and James Bond don’t worry about their health. They get shot, beaten and smashed — then get up and finish off the bad guys. Reality, however, is quite different.

John Wayne developed heart disease and had a cancerous lung removed. Ian Fleming, who created James Bond, died from complications of a chest cold because he bucked his doctor’s orders and played golf instead.

Look at any health statistics and the real story is the same: men live much shorter lives than women and have higher risks for all 15 leading causes of death except alzheimer's disease. Despite these statistics, most American men think their health is “excellent” — and they’re dying to prove it. Although their health risks are largely preventable, men’s infrequent health care — combined with behavior that’s better left to Hollywood stuntmen shortens their lives by more than five years.

Real Men Do Have Health Concerns

Men’s Health Consulting understands this paradox: that the need to appear robust and masculine can compromise men’s health. But we also understand that some of men’s attitudes and behaviors actually benefit their health. While a need to win can make a man risk his life, it may also provide the incentive to give up smoking. Combining this understanding with the latest research, Men’s Health Consulting has developed a variety of health services, all with one goal in mind: to help men, as well as the women and men who work with them, to change the attitudes and behaviors that damage men’s health.

The best answer to “Why men’s health?” is that men’s greatest health risks are largely preventable. In fact, with changes in their attitudes and behaviors, men can dramatically reduce their risks. Men’s Health Consulting is dedicated to seeing this happen. Let us know how we can help you in achieving this goal together.

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