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Employee Wellness Workshops

When a 45-year-old man injures his back trying to prove his manhood by careening downhill on his teenager’s mountain bike, your company pays the bill in the form of lost productivity and higher health-care premiums.

Today, health care costs exceed $3,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States — and most premiums are paid by businesses like yours. Yet nearly 70% of health care costs are preventable.

Men are the primary offenders when it comes to developing health problems that are the direct result of unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors. Proving their manhood is part of the reason why.

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Research is proving that employee wellness programs are a cost-effective way to reduce employee health insurance costs. Now you can help men live longer, healthier lives and control health insurance costs through the Men’s Wellness Workshops.

Men’s Health Consulting offers the only wellness workshops designed specifically for men. Workshop lengths are tailored to your businesses’ needs and can include a speaker, risk assessments and exercises.

Men who attend the Men’s Wellness Workshops are able to identify their health risks, understand how unhealthy many masculine behaviors and attitudes are, and learn that following good health behaviors can be “manly” as well as life-saving. Often, this is the first time a man thinks seriously about his health.

Applying the 6-Point Plan to Improve Men’s Health offered in the workshops will help your male employees to lead longer, healthier lives — while reducing your businesses health insurance costs.

Men who attend our wellness workshops will have the opportunity to assess their own health by completing a 4-page self-test, the HEALTH MENTOR™

Review a sample page of Health Mentor

While health risk assessment is an essential first step in changing unhealthy behavior, few tools exist to help men do this. Now men have a mentor to help them take that first step. Developed by Men’s Health Consulting, HEALTH MENTOR™ is a health-risk assessment designed specifically for men. With HEALTH MENTOR™, you can help your male employees increase personal responsibility for their health by identifying specific behaviors they can change to live longer, healthier lives.

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