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Men’s greatest health risks are the direct result of their unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors, such as eating poorly and driving dangerously. While it’s well known that recognizing your health risks is an essential first step in changing unhealthy behavior, few tools exist to help you do this. Now, you have a mentor to help you take that first step.

HEALTH MENTOR™, available only through Men’s Health Consulting, is a health risk assessment tool designed exclusively for men. This 4-page self-test takes only minutes for you to complete and includes more than 50 questions that assess 10 areas, such as your diet, drug use, preventive care, sexual health, social support, and your attitudes about manhood. Based on scientific research, HEALTH MENTOR™ speaks directly to you about your risks and will help you to take greater personal responsibility for your health.

Rate your Self-Care and Preventive Care

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