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Men's Sexual and Reproductive Health Trainings

Recent policy changes at the national Office of Family Planning have left family planning clinics around the country — and their largely female staff — scrambling to figure out what to do in order to meet the family planning and reproductive health care needs of men and adolescent males. At Men’s Health Consulting, we’ve got the right prescription.

We have years of experience providing training in effective, research-based approaches to designing and delivering family planning and reproductive health care services and clinical care to adolescent males and men.

Dr. Courtenay was recently invited by the Federal Office of Family Planning to provide the opening day training for U.S. health educators at the three-day “Male Health Educator Training: Pilot” in Atlanta, Georgia. The training focused on evidence-based approaches to providing sexual and reproductive health and family planning services to men. (July, 2002, 2003: and Miami, Florida, 2004)

In response to recent mandates from the Federal Office of Family Planning, Dr. Courtenay was invited to provide consultation and training on developing and implementing statewide gender-specific reproductive health and family planning services for men in California to the statewide Male Services Advisory Committee. (2000 to present)

Dr. Courtenay conducts trainings for California Family Health Council and California state Title X agencies and Family PACT providers. In May, 2001, conducted a half-day training for providers entitled, “Engaging Men Through Education and Counseling.” (2001 to present)

Dr. Courtenay was invited by the State of California, Department of Health Services, to provide a day-long, train the trainers workshop for providers of male-specific, statewide reproductive health and family planning trainings. (July, 2000)

Dr. Courtenay was invited by the Office of Family Planning and Office of Population Affairs to speak on evidence-based strategies for working with men at the national Male Advocacy Network Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (November, 2000)

Dr. Courtenay has consulted with Action for Boston Community Development's “Men’s Preventive Health Counseling Program” (Title X funded program focusing on reproductive health) in Boston, Massachusetts for four years. He assisted with the initial development of the program and health assessment instruments, and continue to provide evaluation assistance. He also provides ongoing training to program staff and workshops through the program for health and social service providers in the greater Boston area.

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