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Research consistently shows that men know little about health. Because health knowledge is an important first step in changing unhealthy behavior, Men’s Health Consulting offers a range of educational material — for men and for those interested in improving men's health.

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This year, millions of men will suffer injuries, illnesses, and deaths that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, the attitudes and behaviors that increase men’s health risks are often dismissed with “boys will be boys.” American men grow up thinking risk-taking is manly and that they're invincible. Research shows that men actually believe this — and think their health is “excellent.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth. But men’s biggest health risks are largely preventable with behavioral change. And while research shows that recognizing one’s health risks is an essential first step in changing unhealthy behavior, few tools have been available to help men do this. Now men have a mentor to help them take that first step.

HEALTH MENTOR™, developed by Men’s Health Consulting, is a health-risk assessment designed specifically for men. It includes over 50 questions that assess 10 areas such as diet, drug use, preventive care, sexual health, attitudes about manhood, and social support. HEALTH MENTOR™ identifies which of men’s behaviors are excellent — and which need improving to live longer, healthier lives. It is ideal for facilitating health education — and for fostering personal responsibility for health among men.

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“HEALTH MENTOR™ is more than an health education tool. Once my patients complete the assessment, their answers are right in front of them, in black and white. It has helped the men I work with to focus on the very specific changes that they need to make.”
Judith Friedman, M.D., Alta Bates Medical Center, Berkeley, California

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