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Alcohol and Other Drugs


Far more males than females use, abuse, and are dependent upon substances.

Five times more males than females are heavy drinkers.

One-third of all males drink alcohol once a week or more.

Alcohol is involved in nearly one-half of all male accidents, homicides, and suicides.

Nine out of 10 drunk driving arrests are males.

Three and a half times more males than females die from “alcohol-induced causes”, which does not include accidents and homicides.

Nearly 3 times more males than females use marijuana once a week or more.

Twice as many males as females have used cocaine.

One out of every 4 males has used smokeless tobacco; times the number of females.

Nearly 1 million males have used steroids inappropriately for body building.

Men's greater use of alcohol and tobacco is the main cause of their higher rates of cancer and heart disease.

Smoking causes 90% of male lung cancer.


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