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Men’s Health Consulting is an educational and training firm that promotes better health and wellness in men and boys. Our vision and goal is to reduce preventable risks and to help men and boys live longer, healthier lives.

We offer a variety of research-based services that assist communities, health professionals, employers, educational institutions, and men and their families in understanding and improving men’s health. Our services are unique because they directly address the psychological, behavioral and social factors – including masculinity – that influence the health of men and boys.

Are Your Men’s Programs in Failing Health?

More and more well-intended communities, organizations, schools and medical centers are setting up new health programs for men. But the programs aren’t as effective as they could be because their creators aren’t certain which strategies work well with men and which don’t.

At Men’s Health Consulting, we’ve got the right prescription.

Our health services and training have been designed specifically to help you address the unique needs of boys and men like the fact that men aren’t as ready as women to change the behaviors that increase their health risks.

What’s more, our strategies, which are proven to be effective, have been used by men’s health organizations and medical centers nationwide. We can help your organization be more successful in providing the best in men’s health programs. It's a winning formula.



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